Grupo Cotemar Mexico opens its doors to any individual or company that is interested in working with us to participate in our bidding processes in a transparent way.

Cotízame is an agile and easy to use e-commerce management portal where suppliers can view our business opportunities in real-time by area, group of items, and type of services.

With Cotízame you will be able to:   

  • Submit your quotes digitally
  • Optimize your sales processes
  • Reduce information handling errors
  • Know the progress of your offer

Working with Cotemar has never been easier!

Supplier Registration

General information about the registration process for any supplier.

TEL 9383811400 EXT 800.

Universal Mail box

If you are already a supplier, register you invoices here.


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Go to Transparency Mailbox

COTEMAR is a company that is committed to transparency, honesty, and to its employees. As such, if you know of a situation that you feel we should be aware of or that should be reported, please submit it through this system. We appreciate your interest in our company.